Kosar Abbasi

"Let your body be the brush, and dance your soul's masterpiece onto life's canvas.
Embrace self-expression through movement, and the world becomes your stage."

The Beauty of Dance:
Celebrating the Human Spirit

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Kosar Abbasi is an Iranian dancer, choreographer, performer, and entrepreneur. Her professional dancing career began at the age of nineteen after she immigrated to India. Dancing for women is forbidden in Iran, and India gave Kosar the freedom to follow her passion.

Kosar Abbasi
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Kosar is the managing director of Fusion art International, a diverse platform of expression for performers. She is the founder of the KLX app, a meditation, yoga, dance, and nutritional app, in partnership with her friend Manny Mashouf, the founder of Bebe.

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The Power of Dance: Finding Freedom and Liberation

Discover how the transformative power of dance can liberate your soul and bring a sense of freedom to your life. Embrace self-expression and break free from limitations.

Hip Hop Dancers
Dancing Rebel

I was born in a land beyond the Oceans. Raised by the grace of sun and sea. A land where beauty blossomed all around me, yet my own beauty was banned from unveiling